The territory of the Local Action Group (LAG) of Golfo di Castellammare, located between the cities of Palermo and Trapani, is an extremely rich territory because it has lots of touristic resources so it has a vocation to constitute one of the most important points of the regional tourism.

So here, the link between nature, territory, environment, cuisine and hospitality has become an ever-stronger link; in the past there was only the seaside tourism, while now they got also a better care and safeguarding of the countryside, it’s more and more enhanced and it’s ready to embrace new tourism segments.

Restoration, revitalisation of abandoned place and blighted architecture, events, the huge number of cultural and recreational activities and other types of activities, contributed to raise the profile of the municipality and also to transmit an image of the attractive territory. This territory is the perfect synthesis of landscapes, flavors, history and customs.

The number of tourists has been increasing during the years, thanks to this, several agri-tourism restarted to work.

The project of the rural itineraries of the territory of the LAG of Golfo di Castellammare is a part of a strategic system of all the important elements and strengths that the territory can express, it wants to reinforce more and more the commune identity and its ability to set itself up to all the Italian and international visitors.

Let’s bring out this land!